Seven Style Tips To Create An Industrial, Modern Space

Posted on: 27 September 2017

Give your home an injection of industrial style by modernizing spaces with some simple tips. A contemporary configuration can be inspiring and invigorating, which can make those living there feel energized and free. Clear the clutter and strive for a cool and modern flair in your favorite room.

Seven tips to create an industrial style in a space are:

1.It's all about the light fixtures. Lighting is everything when setting the tone for the room. Invest in fresh, modern light fixtures to illuminate your home, but that also exude an industrial style. Choose metal finishes that are cohesive with the other accents in the space, and intentionally position your light fixtures to accommodate whatever you might be doing in that area of the home. For more information, contact companies like Lights For London.

2.You can't go wrong with chrome. Speaking of metal accents, you can't go wrong with chrome. First, it lasts for years and years, requiring little maintenance beyond cleaning, and second, it oozes chic, industrial style.

3.Think stainless in the kitchen. Steel counters or backsplashes are another way to instantly modernize your kitchen, and entire home in the process. Ask contractors about steel surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, and update appliances if necessary with stainless facades.

4.Create tin accents. For a funky ceiling or wall treatment, check out tin tiles. These can be applied to surfaces for a vintage look that works well in contemporary spaces. The kind with adhesive on the back work, too.

5.Shop for streamlined furnishings. If you want to replace old furnishings with more modern pieces, shop for dorm-style furniture. These are typically smaller pieces with metal hardware that may make your room look a bit larger too.

6.Choose a clean color-palette. Choose a clean color palette that will open-up the room and make it seem lighter. Paint the ceilings the same color as your walls to create the illusion that you have higher-ceilings in your home. Opt for neutrals, like white, eggshell, and light-grey.

7.Pay attention to your window treatments. Don't overlook your windows and treatments when updating your space. Go with simple treatments, like panels or sheers and allow the fabric to puddle on the floor. Or, skip the fabric altogether and use metallic-finish blinds for an industrial touch.

Consider a modern makeover in your favorite rooms and bring industrial flair to your home. These ideas create a chic and fresh style that will fast-become the focal point of your entire home.