Just Moved? Here's How To Make Your Internet And Television Cable Installation Go Smoothly

Posted on: 27 February 2018

If you're like most people, living without an internet connection cuts you off from a lot of your daily activities, everything from connecting with your friends and checking in with family to shopping and working. Consequently, once you move, cable installation for your internet and television ranks right up there with things like making sure that the water and electricity are turned on.

In order to make your cable installation move along smoothly, follow these tips:

1. Let the cable company know, in advance, how many televisions and computers you have. That will help make sure that the technician has enough time scheduled to help you connect everything and won't end up flying out the door before you're through.

2. Get your televisions and computers unpacked. Make sure that computers are charged and all the cords you need for the televisions are available. Give the technician at least 3 feet of space between the wall and the television so that he or she can maneuver easily behind it. If you have everything wedged in together, the technician will have a hard time doing his or her job.

3. Locate your outlets for each device. You need to have a fairly good idea of where you want to locate your televisions, router, and modem before the cable installation technician makes it to your door. He or she will plan access to your house with the cable line based on what makes sense for your chosen layout.

4. Make sure that each television is on and operational before you move to the next. Ask the technician to set any remotes that come with your cable box so that you don't have to try to manage it once he or she is gone.

5. Ask the technician to make sure that each computer is connecting properly to the network that's been set up.

6. Have the technician show you which network that shows up on your computer's list of available networks is yours so that you don't have a problem recognizing it. The technician can give it a uniquely-identifiable name to make it more distinct.

7. Finally, ask the technician to set the wireless password to something you can remember. While a strong password helps keep the neighbors from stealing your bandwidth, a password that you can't remember is problematic every time you get a new device or have friends or relatives over for an extended visit. You'll regret it later if you don't change it now.

If you follow these tips, the cable installation should go smoothly, and you'll be online in your new place as quickly as possible. For more information, contact a company like Cabletrails Ltd.